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Hi everyone I am entering grad school and getting married in a matter of months , 8 months from now I haven't booked anything but I found my dress , I have everything planned out but has been too busy to booking anything need advice

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  • I think that this point your most important thing is a venue. Depending on what you are looking for and your area, they can book up a year in advance. If you don't have a venue, the date you have set may not be the date you end up with. I suggest making that a priority at this point. Most of venues that I contacted were very receptive to an intial email contact for basic pricing and dates available. Good luck!


  • You just have to start doing things and making the time to get them done, no excuses. Like PP start with a venue because that is the most important part to actually be having the wedding in 8 months, then going in order for the most important aspects to have your wedding. Venue, officiant, food, cake, photographer, dj with just those things(even less then that too) you can have a wedding party.

    I know the checklist seems daunting but you just have to start doing things one at a time. And ask for help if making meetings is tough for you to do with your schedule maybe some family can help with that. Also look at attending a bridal fair because you can meet so many possible vendors at one time.
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  • Hi Roxie,
    I am also in the NYC area and getting married in July of 2013 and also a student. If you PM me I can send you some suggestions of venues - I have a whole list of places from my search-  Also if you head over to the NYC board those ladies have lots of great suggestions as well. Smile
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