Medical School and wedding planning

Just wanted to see if there were any medical students out there trying to plan a wedding like I am! Have you been able to set a date, how is planning going etc?
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Re: Medical School and wedding planning

  • I'm not in Med school, but I just started grad school & i'm not sure if I should have it next summer or put it off til 2012 for more time.  What are you doing?
  • Hi ftdr2b......Well, I'm in Nursing school and planning our vow renewal. DH asked me to do vow renewal exactly 14 days prior to start of classes. For 14 days wedding was what I concentrated on. We have picked Aug. 11, 2012 as the date but it won't be official until we book venue and church, which we're in the process of doing, 1st appt for venue is tomorrow @ 9 am. The planning itself is going well I have designed my dress and sent to seamstress (personal friend), along with pics of BM's, Jr BM & FG dresses. I have designed my centerpieces, a mock dressed table in wedding colors (round & square), invitations, programs, & STD's. My sister(BM), SIL(BM) are helping a great deal, with finding items that in NJ that I or MOH can't find in NC. To keep all this stuff together and keep up with studies, I & MOH (she lives next door) have a 3in binder with all my list, appts, etc & I update BB calendar regularly and all wedding stuff plays the tradional "here comes the bride" when a reminder/ appt comes up...LOL suffer from a lil OCD
    We all talk @ least every 2 wks about the plans.  With only two weeks between semseters I had to get some help & be prepared  at all times.

    So your studying to be a dr,What specialty if any?How's your planning going?

  • hi! i'm a 3rd yr and planning my wedding... we got engaged before med school started, and we're not getting married until next sept. so don't worry if you get overwhelmed-- give yourself as much time as you need so you can enjoy planning and not get distracted from school. what year are you?
  • Hi,
    I'm a third year medical student now (returned to clinics in December after finishing the PhD in an MD/PhD program).  We got engaged in October about a month before I defended.  I basically had to decide between racing for the coming summer during the two weeks we have between academic years and waiting until after I graduate.  Well, I sure didn't want to wait so June 11, 2011 became the date!  We weren't really tied down by tough scheduling requirements on his part or on the part of either of our parents so that helped a lot.  It'll probably be tough and crazy at times but I got most the big things (venue, dress, and such) done during the few weeks I had down time.  My fiance will help with favor things and invitations and such when that time comes up in a couple months.  It will help you a lot if you just realize that you're probably not going to be able to micromanage the day or do it all yourself.  My two priorities (aside from the very obvious and most important declaration of love) are an open bar and a dj that will play what I it'll be pretty easy for me to be happy with the day!    I also like having something to look forward to...almost a reward for many months of long hours and lots of work!
    Congrats and good luck planning your wedding!!
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  • Hi! I'm a pharmacy student, I decided to wait until after I graduate to have the wedding but I'm doing the planning now. Its overwhelming at times but I think I'll get through it just fine :) Just give yourself plenty of time to do everything. And just do a few things at a time.
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  • I am a second year med student and we have decided to wait until after I graduate-June 1, 2013.  LONG wait, but we didn't want to have to "fit it in" between my rotations and his schooling.   Needless to say, not much planning has taken place.
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  • Med students, are you planning on living off of loans as a married couple? We're trying to figure out what kind of financial situation we''d be getting into.

     My BF (not engaged, yet) and I are applying to law schools and med schools, respectively. We both took a year to work full time before going back to school, but still barely have any money. We were both student atheletes in school and were not able to save much during college. As we come from traditional Catholic families, we will not live together before marriage... as well as other things Undecided.

    As you can imagine, after over four years together, and having to spend much time dealing with a LDR, we don't want to wait until after graduating to finally tie the knot. Niether of us will be able to hold a full time job for at least three years, and we will have to pay two separate rents. Is it possible to live off of student loans? Should I bite the bullet and open a line of credit? What about health insurance?

    I appreciate any advice you can give me! Thanks!
  • at my med school, we're required to have health insurance and it comes directly out of our loan money with our tuition. i am living off loans, which is terrifying, but there isn't really any other option. my fiance is a phd student, so he has his stipend (which isn't much), but he isn't allowed to work outside of his research, so there is no way to gain any extra income. i just have faith that if doctors in the past have been able to pay off their loans while living comfortably, that we will be able to as well.
  • I decided to go back to school do get my doctorate in nursing a few months before setting my wedding date- I even went on graduate school interviews and wedding venue tours in the same trip (I'm planning a wedding in the area I grew up in but don't live in now).  Sometimes I regret biting off more than I might be able to chew, but I figure life will always get in the way.  I want to go to school. I want to get married.  Both those things just happen to be falling into place at the same time.  I'm not worried about anything being perfect- I know it won't be- so I've decided to just enjoy the ride!  It's not impossible, you will be fine.
  • I'm a first year PhD student through the medical school (my fiance is also a PhD student) and we literally just planned the major decisions in the past 4 days (we got engaged one week ago).  We're planning on using up our vacation time and doing a mid-August wedding.  I'm basically hiring a coordinator and delegating everything else out because I'm too busy during the year!
  • I planned my wedding during the end of 4th year/beginning of my intern year as a physician --- it really can be done, just have to be organized :) 4th year is much better than the other 3, honestly! I only was working & studying about 50-60h/wk vs. the 90-100h/wk I was pulling during 3rd year :) I also had plenty of colleagues who got married during all 4 years who did it just fine but they relied a lot on their FI or family members (or both).

    About living on loans, while I did the HPSP (I'm Army) scholarship thing, plenty of my friends did/do live on each other loans. It is quite scary from what I hear, but it is definitely something finacially feasible in the end.  I really wouldn't worry about it too much as long as you live sensibly :)
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  • I'm a third year and FI proposed this past July. We're not getting married til 4/12. It can be frustrating because we're always in the hospital and vendors aren't always available. Email is wonderful, as are helpful family members. Like others have said, be patient and plan the wedding for when it is comfortable for you. Just be prepared for everyone asking why such a long engagement... I don't bother explaining it anymore - just have fun!!
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    [QUOTE]I am a second year med student and we have decided to wait until after I graduate-June 1, 2013.  LONG wait, but we didn't want to have to "fit it in" between my rotations and his schooling.   Needless to say, not much planning has taken place.
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    I'm an M3, my fiance and I have been engaged for 2 years now (we got engaged right before I started med school). We are shooting for 5/25/13 (9 months away)! Anyways, I did not want to wait until after we graduated because I want my married name on my medical degree/license and I did not want to ruin the excitement of the big day by getting married at city hall. It will be our 10 year anniversary! Hopefully, I can get lots of planning done before November, when I start my surgery rotation. So, we will be getting married one week apart, good luck!
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