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Alright Ladies. My Wedding date is January 19th. In the next 5 months I am working Full time, Going to School, and planning a Wedding. On top of that, all of this is going on during Thansgiving, Christmas, New Years, Finals, then finally...Wedding! For those of you have have gone through or are currently going through similar time constraints what advice do you have to share. One thing I have found is that shopping online as much as possible is definitely helping. Even if things may cost a little more than DIY, they are worth it when it comes to the added stress. What were your "planning while having an already too busy life" strategies???

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  • I haven't gotten to the busy part yet but I tried to get as much done while Im on summer break now before school started and wouldn't have as much time to get things done.

    Going off of the spending a little more but to save time try finding vendors that offer multiplpe services like I've seen some that offer photo, video, and dj services so reduces the number of people to be in contact with and have to meet with.

    Also ask for help now while you have plenty of time so that people who are willing to help can plan for when they will be available. Rather then needing help last minute but then no one is available to help.
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  • I agree with PP. I took a summer class, but during the break before fall I have been getting a ton of stuff done. I am still doing a ton of DIY because it is cheaper for us. I am getting married in January also and even though it is early, I am making my invites now. I won't be sending them out for awhile, but I know I won't have time to make them once school starts back up.

    I set up this plan to get at least 1 thing done a week. Most weeks I get more than one done, but not always. Like this week is printing everything for invitations. Next week is making them all. Plus I have things I need to look up online (hair styles, make up ideas, someone to do hair and makeup.) It seems to help.

    I'm also doing a lot of little things now so that I don't have to worry about doing it over all the holidays. I have my table numbers assigned, but will change them as needed once RSVPs come back. (Granted I'm have a super small wedding-under 40 people) I have my favors ready to go, just need the labels to be printed. I'm just doings things as I get time and as I'm inspired to do them.


  • Thank you so much for asking this of all the other brides!! I'm going throught the same stress!!! Good luck to you, it's nice to know I'm not alone with this!!!! Best of luck and I'm sure your wedding will be everything you dreamed! :)
  • I feel your pain, I am working full time, taking 5 classes, studying for the February LSAT, and trying to plan this wedding! It's nice to know I'm not the only one stressed out:) I have a strict schedule to follow, that way I get everything done that I need to. Good luck!
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