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So, FH and I have always wanted to travel abroad but it was never the right time, or we weren't sure we could afford it, etc.  We finally decided that we just needed to jump in and do it. Originally, I was planning on going next fall by myself, and now that plan has kind of morphed into the 2 of us applying for the same program, so we can go together.  But trying to plan the wedding, plan a trip to England, and figure out how to pay for it all is really overwhelming.  My FH actually suggested an idea that's growing on me.  He wondered if we should put it off until the fall after the wedding (we're getting married in June of 2013) and then it can be more than just a semester abroad, but also a great honeymoon that we could never afford otherwise (our university allows us to use our financial aid overseas, apparently that's not always the case).  I was just wondering if any of you ladies had studied abroad, what you're experiences were, and what you think about the idea of having a belated honeymoon. 
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  • Sounds like an awesome plan to me!

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    We're in Germany right now (for the year), it's definitely worth it. I would say do it after the wedding, if you want to stay for a long time. That way, if one of you gets into the program and the other doesn't, the visa thing has an easier answer (that was a problem for us, he originally qualified, and I didn't).
  • I think that sounds awesome!!! I went for 5 weeks last summer by myself and it was a wonderful experience!  I would have loved for FI to go with me but we weren't engaged yet and I know it was good for me to do on my own.  In two weeks my FI will be going to the Czech for 2 weeks for a missions trip and I think it will be good for him to do on his own too, but I would definitely go if I could.

    Your plan sounds awesome!  We would definitely do that if we would still be in school and had the opportunity.
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  • I think doing it after sounds awesome, with a huge BUT...what will you do if one of you gets accepted into the program and the other one doesnt?

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  • Honestly I hadn't thought if that possiblity yet.  I'm hoping that since we're planning so far in advance that we'll be able to figure things like that out.  I'm setting up a meeting with our study abroad advisor once we get back from spring break.  She'll be able to help us plan it all out.
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  • Great idea!  You really get to know a different side of a person when travelling with them!

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  • I completely understand how you feel! My fiance and I are both in the Honors Program at our university and we are required to study abroad for at least 3 weeks before we graduate.  We are getting married this May and then studying abroad in El Salvador for 3 weeks this July.  Our plan is to go on a small honeymoon in a tourist town a couple of hours away because we can't afford to do two big trips in one summer. I still think we'll have a great time. I would definitely suggest doing a small honeymoon if you are going to study abroad right after that! We will both graduate next May.  I'm kind of stressed about the whole thing but my parents have really helped out with all the study abroad planning.  I'm just trying to focus on school and the wedding right now and then after we're married i'll start getting more involved in the trip planning. 
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