working and going to school sucks :(

Hi ladies, I need to vent. Sorry this post is kind of long.

So, I work for a university and am also getting my masters at the same time. One of the benefits of working here is that I get 7 credits a semester waived. I work full time so I bust my little butt really hard in my courses and dedicate all of my spare time to them. The university has a policy that if I get anything below a B in a course, I would have to pay the university back for those credits.

Fast forward to this last Spring semester. I was taking 3 classes at night and working like a ninja. I got a B+ on 2 classes, and a B- on the 3rd class. The university now wants to charge me for the 3 credits I received the B-. It amounts close to $2,000!!!! They will deduct this from my paycheck for 3 months :( practically leaving me with nothing.

I'm trying to write to my professor to see if I can do anything extra to try to bring my grade up (there is still time for him to change my grade). He is not an unreasonable man, but I am afraid he is not going to be open to this suggestion. BOO having to work and go to school at the same time! (I'm not even going to touch the added stressof having to plan a wedding while doing all of this)

Sorry this is so long, but I really needed to vent! I am on the brink of tears at work right now. Thanks for letting me share.

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Re: working and going to school sucks :(

  • Is it possible that you are just taking too many classes and trying to juggle to much with work, school, and wedding planning?  I know you probably want to graduate sooner rather than later, but why not try cutting back to two classes a semester? 
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  • That's frustrating!  I mean working and going to school at the same time is hard no matter what.  Maybe like pp said, you had too much going on at one time.  I hope your professor lets you do something to improve your grade though!
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    oh my gosh, that sucks!  working while going to school sucks in general, but during grad school is even worse.  i start in the fall and will be teaching English composition max 20 hours (PHEW), but we have the same policy: nothing less than a B.  i'm sure your professor will understand.  maybe he can at least let you rewrite something for a shot at a B.  crossing my fingers for you!
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  • That sucks! I hope your professor will change your grade.

    I think that the "-" are stupid. Grading should just be A, B, C, D, F.

    I'll have to deal with that when I go to grad school this January.
  • That sucks and I really hope that he changes your grade.  It is my understanding that there is not much difference between pluses and minuses (my school does not have this grading system).

    Like pp said, try not to take as much on at school, or if you can, cut your work hours a little.  A very little can go a long way sometimes. 

    Good luck!!
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  • I hear you!  I am working 40 hours a week and have 6 credits.  Then on top of that I'm on a Relay for Life team and doing side projects to help raise money.  Then with 3 months til my wedding I'm going nuts! 

    I hope your teacher will work with you to raise the grade!
  • Hi everyone! I had to quit my TK addiction for a while so that I could focus on my classes. I learned my lesson lol

    Thank you for your words of encouragement! My professor was kind enough to give me an extra assignment and contingent upon that, change my grade. I had to pay for the class upfront due to the way the school's policy is written, but was then reimbursed once the grade change went through.

    Thanks again, everyone! Good luck to all in your classes this semester! Tongue Out

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