Oh thank God...

I'm new to the message boards, and in the little spare time I get I have been searching these boards for a students board - evidently I was just looking in all the wrong places.

Anyway - I am SO glad that there is a board for those of us in school and planning a wedding.  I've got an Associates in Arts degree as of right now, but I just got accepted into and am starting (today) nursing school.  I'm overwhelmed and excited at the same time.  My fiance and I both know I'm going to be hell to live with but we're committed and determined.  I was telling a co-worker about how we inadvertently set our date for around the same time I'll be "graduating" from the nursing program I'm first I kind of gasped at the idea myself and thought "No way this can happen, we'll have to change the date," but my family and fiance are absolutely amazing so I know we'll be able to pull it off.

So I just wanted to introduce myself and breath a small sigh of relief to know that I'm not the only one insane enough to plan a wedding while in school - oh, I also work full time and have a 6 year old say my plate is "full" is a gross understatement, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Re: Oh thank God...

  • Welcome! This board is full of helpful, understanding people :) 

    Congratulations on planning your wedding with such a full plate. I don't have any advice as I'm in the very early stages myself, but definitely lurk around the other boards to get a great idea of what you like, want in a wedding, etc. 
  • My best advice...plan far far head if possible, not sure when your wedding is, but  i know for me  (im actually getting married the week between when classes end and i graduate my program), having most of the planning behind me now having done most of it in augest and over the christmas break, has helped me to have time to focus on school and not get tooo overwhelmed...having said that...if you read my last post, this semester is hectic and im starting to feel the luck and plan as much as possible as early as possible!

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  • Welcome! I graduate 2 weeks before my wedding but I have been "working ahead" and planning up a storm over school breaks! I really recommend hiring a wedding planner if you can too- that way you just get to make the fun decisions and someone else does the leg work, lol. Congrats on your nursing school acceptance!

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  • Oh we're giving ourselves TONS of time, but I know it seems like it now and it'll fly by...anyway.  We're not getting married for almost another two years, plenty of time to plan and finish saving up.  We figured we'll give ourselves this year to scope things out and figure out what we want and then roughly a year before the date we'll start booking things and whatnot.

    I have an amazing family and he's pretty awesome too so I'm sure I'll have more than enough help planning.

    I'm just super excited to have found this board lol you have no idea.

    What are all your majors?

  • I'm majoring in Secondary Social Science Education!

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  • Welcome! I planned my wedding while in school full time. My main suggestion is delegation. I felt comfortable delegating things like setting up vendor appointments to my coordinator and mom. My roommate was an art major and she really helped me with a lot of my DIY projects, but we worked very far in the advance! I was an Agricultural Biotechnology major. 
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  • Welcome! I'm getting married right before I finish my MA. I agree with Chica, plan way ahead! And if you know when you're going to have a week off or so, take that time to power-plan. Good luck!
  • You gals are awesome...just sayin'.  It's nice to know we all have a common thread besides wedding planning!  I'm definitely trying to do a little here and there, and we come up with little ideas frequently...but for some UNKNOWN reason he completely shot down my idea of releasing 100 doves as we share our first kiss as husband and wife...and yes I'm being facetious lol.

  • Congrats! We just started planning as well and I am about in the same boat you are. I just started Nursing school for my BSN with an anticipated graduation in Feb. of 2013 and we are getting married in September of 2013. What school are you going to? 

    I know planning wise I am trying to spread this out as much as possible but I have learned that I need to book my reception hall as soon as possible so that is what we are focusing on now and I believe through delegation and help from our parents the rest will come together over the next year :)

    Good luck! 
  • I'm going to the local junior college in my area for their RN program.  I'd been trying for a year or so to get in (there are upwards of 500 applicants each semester, but they only admit around 90 into the program) so it's extremely competive and difficult to get into.  I'd been accepted into other BSN programs in the area, but I just couldn't afford it and didn't want to take out more loans.

    But yes, delegating is key (if they're willing of course lol) and my girls/family and fiance are amazing so I'm sure we'll be able to pull it all off beautifully :)

    Congrats to all of you as well!
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