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Hello, I'm new here and just got engaged last Wednesday. Me and my fiancé are both in college and we are planning to get married in the summer of 2014... (after we graduate in May 2014). We r looking at a july/august wedding. Does anyone have any tips for how to plan while in college.


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    Use ALL breaks to your fullest, from a short day off to Christmas to Thanksgiving! Use the free time to PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! Also, wait as long after graduation as possible, I will have around 3 weeks after my graduation until my is stressful and does not leave time to get things in order such as a job in your field, so plan late July/August instead of directly after graduation in June.

    Hope this helps and CONGRATS! It is a VERY exciting time and if I can make it through I know everyone can for sure :)
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    Congrats on the engagement! I have to say, I agree 100% with tamara. Breaks/holidays from school will be your best friend,especially if a lot of people in your wedding party live/go to school in different states. It can be hard getting dresses/tuxes for people who live away, but for me everyone seems to come home over the holidays so we do a lot of planning then. 
    Also, as much fun as wedding planning can be, make sure to keep up with your schoolwork as well! I struggled with this for a while because I was so excited to be planning I spent way too much time on pinterest, the knot, and other various websites instead of studying. 
    One more thing, have FUN and enjoy this time!! Being engaged is a very special and exciting time, so enjoy it!
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    Congratulations! I've had a long engagement (2.5 years), so I have been able to enjoy being engaged and not having to stress about planning a wedding. I'm sure as the date gets closer I will be more uneasy, but so far so good.
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    Hi! I'm graduating May 2014, too, and getting married that June, about 5 weeks after my last final. I plan to use my j-term and spring breaks this year to book the stuff that fills quickly, and then do almost all my planning and shopping over the summer. I'm not looking forward to having so much done so far before the wedding, but I know I'll be happy about it when I'm in school!
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    I am in the same boat and am planning to use breaks as the main wedding to do time :) Though, I will admit I give myself a few hours each friday to work on wedding stuff so that I can destress from the school week!
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    I'm getting married this June with a May graduation as well. It has not been so bad but i would have have probably chosen to wait a couple months had I been indifferent circumstances. FI is military and we are long distance. I started very early and am still ahead. It will be difficult but doable
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    Thank you all so much. You all have wonderful advice! So excited to start planning.
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