To delay or not to delay? (long post)

Yes, I am young. I'm 21 and if we get married November 2012 then I'll fall only two short months from 23. I know that my years in age isn't impressive, however I've been living on my own since I was 16 and raising myself since 14 so please do not factor my age into the equation when you answer my advice. I consider age irrelevant at this point.

Here's my problem: My fiancee and I have been engaged since December '08 and we decided to wait to get married until I graduated college in May 2012. So we set the date in November 2012. However, I've decided to change my major to journalism and now have no hope of graduating before May 2013. We've already picked a date and found a venue (no deposit yet) and loath to postpone our wedding another year to Nov. 2013. However, my family (well, one important aunt), would be very disappointed if I married before graduating.



I'm torn on the matter. I'm afraid that my grandma I'm very close to may pass before 2013. She is in her 70’s, has diabeates and various other ailments. Although she has nothing especially life threatening, every time I see her she is visibly worse and now have trouble walking even short distances. She is more of a mother figure to me than my real mother and it would break my heart if she wasn’t with me on my wedding day. Also, as a journalist, I would want my name to stay consistent. Melissa Wolfe (hubby’s last name) is an awesome name and I want to start my career with it. Plus, I don’t want to ask for time off ( the honeymoon) in the first 90 days of my new job (assuming I get one soon after I graduate).
Another part of me, wants to wait so as not to have the stress of planning a wedding while worrying about finals. Also, my aunt, who means a lot to me, would be so disappointed. Plus, graduating is such a right of passage into adulthood, I’m not sure how I would feel to become a wife and still be a full time student.

Basically, I need help. I need unbiased help. Anyone??
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