I'm so disappointed! I'm sick of school!

Hi! This is my first post on this board. I am so disappointed...My wedding is in June 2012 and I was hoping my FI and I would graduate this coming December, so we would be finished with school and could just focus on the wedding for the last 6 months before. Instead, we both won't be graduating until next May, just before the wedding. It would be difficult, but possible that I could graduate in December, but FI will still be in school so I feel like there isn't a point to struggle through a grueling summer and fall schedule when he will still have to be in until May anyway. To make matters worse we are in school in Alabama, but the wedding is in my hometown in Florida. It's so difficult to do all my wedding planning from 9 hours away...Good thing I have my Mom there to help and a wedding planner. Sorry for the rant, just needed to vent. Oh and if I had done better in my Freshman and Sophomore years I should be graduating this May (like in a month) ughhh!

Re: I'm so disappointed! I'm sick of school!

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    That must be so frustrating. I am in a similar situation, FI and I are planning our wedding 5 hours away while in college. It is difficult but we plan to do wedding things during breaks. 
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    I know where you are coming from. My FI is a little bit older than me and already has a masters in fiction writing, whereas I'm finishing my BA in psychology and won't be done until this December. I probably could've graduated in May if I had worked a little harder, maybe taken some summer classes, so I know where you're coming from. All my friends from high school are graduating in May!Cry Haha oh well. I also transferred school so I lost some credits. Whatever. But I get so jealous of my FI when I have a test to study for and he gets to relax!! Even though I know he did his fare share of studying when he was in school. As for planning a wedding from far away, that would be hard, Im sorry haha. I was overwhelmed when we started planning and we pnly live 30 minutes from where we are getting married! Luckily, my mom stepped in and did mostly everything for me, which can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it.Wink

    Good luck hun!
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    I was planning the same thing - graduating in December and planning the wedding for June, but it didn't work out that way.  Although it's frustrating, it really isn't too bad!  My graduation is on April 30 and our wedding is June 25, so we'll have about 2 months to finish up the smaller details & it has worked out really well for us.  Because of the long engagement, you should be fine with spreading out booking your vendors and juggling studying and classes.  GL!  It will work out just fine.
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    You'll be okay. I know how frustrating thinking you'll graduate at this time and then finding out it's actually later is. I have an extra semester to deal with now. But don't worry about the wedding stuff. It will happen and your mom and wedding planner will be a ton of help. You can do it!
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    My fiance and I have a similar problem because I switched my program very late and had to add an entire year to my college time. So he is graduating this year, but I have to wait to graduate until next May... approx a week before the wedding. grrrr!

    There's still lots of time to plan during breaks, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating. :(

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    You will be fine :]. I'm getting married before I graduate so I kinda know your worries. (My wedding is in July and I'm graduating in December and HOPEFULLY starting grad studies in the Spring). Keep your head up and know that it will be WELL worth it! You both love each other and obviously wanna spend forever together. Just take deep breaths and take it easy!
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    Aww I'm sorry, but I am sure things will work out just fine in the long run
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    have you looked into trying to take classes in the summer? how many classes do you need to take?

    if you have like 8 or 9 more classes left, its possible. schools normally allow 12 credits to be taken in the summer (thats 3, 4 credit classes, or 4,3 credit classes) and then you could load heavy next semester and take 5 classes. hope it helps!
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