Survey PLEASE NEED HELP (5 mins)

Hello Everyone.

Im a student writing her thesis on cultural difference and the economic crisis impacing the wedding industry.

I need the opinion of at least 35 brides or wedding planners.

would any of you mind taking 5 mins of your day and answering? This would mean the world to me because I really want to study this field.

The questions Are:

1.                How long have you been a wedding planner?

·       1 year or less

·       1-5 years

·       5-10 years

·       10 years or more


2.          According to a market study conducted by The Wedding, the       average expense on a wedding in the U.S during 2011 was $18,869.             In line with your previous experiences organizing events, do you consider   that a high or low number?

·       High

·       Low


3.          According The Wedding Survey the average number for weddings a year     is $155,240. How many weddings do you work on a year?

·       5-15

·       15-30

·       30-50


4.          How important is a wedding celebration in your personal opinion? 1 being    not so important and 5 being very important

·       1

·       2

·       3

·       4

·       5


5.           In 2010 the average number of guests for a wedding is 141. In your             opinion, how big would you consider such a wedding?

·       Big

·       Medium-sized

·       Small

6.            The average cost of a wedding decreased from $21,810 in 2008 to              $19,580 in 2009. Do you think that is a result from the economic crisis?

·       Yes

·       No


7.           Destination weddings are on the rise with 20% of couples travelling at           least 200 miles from where they reside to get married, do you believe that     market can prosper?

·       Yes

·       No


8.           According to your previous experience, do you believe that tradition still       resides in wedding ceremonies?

·       Yes

·       No


    9.     OPTIONAL: Lots of new trends are appearing in the wedding industry (for   e.g. cupcakes instead of wedding cakes). Do you have any examples of     original ideas you’ve come across during your work as a wedding                 coordinator?


Re: Survey PLEASE NEED HELP (5 mins)

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