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New to this Board... Career advice needed (law vs. insurance)

Hey ladies, I don't know if I have ever posted here but I need to vent a little. I graduate May 1st with a degree in finance. I have been working for a Personal Injury law firm for 2+ years. I would like to get a job in insurance or banking but that search isn't going well. I have found other law jobs that I am more qualified for but I am afraid to get stuck in the law industry and not have much room to move up.  I don't have much desire to go to law school but at the same time, I cant be picky about a job right now. What do you think?

Re: New to this Board... Career advice needed (law vs. insurance)

  • HinajHinaj
    Don't go into law if you won't be happy with it for a long time.  Its true the economy is bad, but there is no reason to compromise on your dream.  Find something temp like PP said, and wait for the job that you will be happy with. 

    As someone once told me, you should be able to wake up in the morning with a smile that you are going to work!! (Being excited to go to work) LOL.  And that will only happen if you do something you love. 
  • HinajHinaj
    Btw, Welcome to the board!!! 
  • I'm a law student, and there is no way I could survive this amount of work and stress if it weren't the exact career I wanted to go into.  Even then, there are days I wish I'd picked something else, due to law school stress.  If its not your passion, don't do it!
  • In Response to Re: New to this Board... Career advice needed (law vs. insurance):
    [QUOTE]I was once dead set on going to law school, but I eventually talked myself out of it, and I am glad I did. Unless you are going to be happy in law for the rest of your life, i don't think law school is worth the time committment, stress,and money. If I were you I would find a temporary job in order to stay alive financially, but definitely keep pursuing the job you want to be in, and would be happier with.
    Posted by Snuggles89[/QUOTE]

    I kind of wish that I had talked myself out of law school before it was too late.
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  • Law school would actually be a great idea. I'm an accounting major, and at my school we have to take a bunch of fincance classes, too. Anyway, I have been seriously considering going to law school after I finish my masters because estate planning just sounds like the coolest job ever. You can be an estate planner with an accounting or a finance degree, but most people prefer to go to lawyers with a financial background because that means that not only can they get recommendations, but they can also take care of all the legal stuff in the same place. The job pays a fortune and sounds pretty cool. Although, that's the only part of law that really excites me, and I don't have feelings one way or another toward insurance. So, I guess what I would suggest is do whatever you enjoy doing, but if you're not opposed to law school, it isn't a bad idea. The pickier you get, the more doors close, the fewer choices you have. But you don't want to be miserable either.

  • i say - do what you love and love what you do.

    put yourself into the environment that will make you most happy - and choose to make whichever environment it is your happy spot.

    me personally - i would stick it through right now, just until the economic disaster tide blows over.  see where it takes you...and keep looking for your dream job!
  • I'm working full time at a huge insurance company AND going part time to law school.  It is something that is working out for me, but the time commitment is HUGE.  I would never discourage someone from going to law school.  Just know there is no rush (I went back to school after working full time for a couple of years).

    Since you majored in finance, the door is open to you with many other types of industries besides insurance.  As the economy is tight right now, the best bet is finding a job 'word of mouth.'   If I were you, I would do something fun and exciting that maybe you can only "get away with" now.  Travel, teach (for America), engage yourself in any passion you have (dance/music/volunteering etc).  Right now is the time to do it and it will distinguish yourself when applying to jobs as they become available.  I'm not saying do it for free :)
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