we have been together for 6 years he proposed in novemember.  I was always planning on waiting till june 2011 because I will graduate my undergrad then the next month start the graduate program. So it would be a lot of big things happening back to back.   I dont want to wait until after grad school for my wedding.  So it will be the summer of my junior year or the summer which i will graduate in may marry in june and start grad school in july.  My fiancee has got a "big boy" job 2 hrs away from school so it is drivable and he will be driving it during my grad school anyway.

I will have a wedding planner/corrdinator bc Im going to have it at the lake so I think that will take some of the pressure off. Ive always been told to wait until after graduation but now everybodys saying why wait... the more i think about it the more i think why wait so what should i do??? any help thank youSmile

Re: help!!!

  • Just out of curiosity, when would you do it if you decided to not wait until June 2011? If you are receiving financial aid you need to check with your school's FAO if your financial aid will be effected by your new marital status.

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  • I have no financial aid now but I will likely get it once I get married.  I would get married sometime this summer.  The place I would get married at has packages and include everything even things I dont necessarly need.  thanks for the input!!
  • I'm waiting until June of 2011, I'm in the same place. I'll have just completed my undergraduate program, then be starting my graduate program the next fall. I personally like the timing, and if I wsn't getting married in 2011, I would most likely wait until after I graduated from my grad program and had a stable job, which might take a while so I definitely didn't want to go down that road.
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