Long engagement?

Is anyone else having a long engagement? My fiance and I have been engaged for almost a year already, and we are planning a December 2012 wedding (2.5 years total) because we wanted to finish up school (graduating this May), land jobs, and buy a house before hand. It seems like an eternity away and sometimes I don't know how I will last! I feel like I can't let myself get too excited or invested in wedding planning because it might make waiting harder. Once school is over things will probably move much faster, but even graduation seems so far away! I am not good at playing the waiting game! Anyone else experiencing something similar? Any advice to make time fly faster? 
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Re: Long engagement?

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    Our engagement will be just over a year. I will still be in school, but I'm going to be in school/internships for quite awhile (2014...yay, dietetics...) so I didn't want to wait 3-4 years.  I already know that summer I will have off and I'm planning all the big stuff like the venue, vendors, etc now before I start my intensive courses in the fall. I'm nervous but I think we made the right decision for our circumstances :)
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