Hey ladies,

I am new to this board but regularly post on some other boards.  I am glad to see there are so many ladies going through the same issues.  I work full time in South Florida, and go to school "full time" in North Florida. It's about a 6 hr drive for me to get to school, but luckily I only have class once a month.

Should I plan for the wedding? Should I study?  I may just pop in here every once in awhile to vent.

Again, HELLO ladies.
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    Hello!  I don't post here often, but I pop in every now and again.  I also work full time, but I'm going to school part time for a degree in Math Ed.  As long as I pass my certification exams this month, I'll be finished with school in May 2012 (fingers crossed)  Planning a wedding was a little crazy what with school and work, but we got through it.  Good luck, and remember to take some "me time" every now and then to stay sane!

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    Hi! And welcome! I'm here pretty frequently. My FI and I are finishing our undergrad degrees and getting married in four months. This board is pretty great if you're looking for advice because the ladies here will definitely give you their honest opinions. :)
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    Another SoFla bride!! Just wanted to see welcome to this board-- I'll be seeing you around our local board!

    And, you can study and plan the wedding! :)

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    Hi!  I'm about to relocate to North Florida for my Masters! 

    I'm here pretty often - I have 30 days left before graduation, and only 7 days of classes, so I'm pretty burnt out and procrastinating like it's my job.  If they'd pay me for it, I'd be a billionaire by now.

    I vote study and plan the wedding.  It's fun :)
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