Getting married and starting nursing school

So I am not sure how everyone else feels about being engaged and planning their weddings... Granted I have only been engaged for a week, but I can help to wonder how this is all going to work out with nursing school. I still have a whole year before our big day, but I am so nervous/ scared/ insecure about whether or not I have what it takes to get this all done. 

Sometimes I wish we could elope or have a destination wedding, but with our big families its completely out of the question! I hope I am not the only one who feels this way. I am sure once school gets into the semester everything will be fine and I won't be so jittery about it all! 

Have a blessed afternoon :)

Re: Getting married and starting nursing school

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    I am a junior in nursing school and am planning a wedding for this summer.  I actually find that wedding planning is relaxing when it comes to nursing school, so I use it as a stress reliever.  Also, don't get too worked up about planning your wedding.  There are so many details that people make too important, but I take one day and one item at a time and everything is running smoothly!  Just remember that the people that share your special day with you won't remember the small details of your wedding, only the love you shared with your husband! (and of course how beautiful you looked!)  Have fun planning and good luck with nursing school and wedding planning...very doable!

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    I agree, You can't go crazy over specific details, you just have to know that it will all some together in the end.

    Im done with nursing school this May and getting married June 30th and I don't feel like wedding planning has at all interfered with school! I have a classmate who is also  getting married 2 weeks after graduation and she has not had any trouble either. 

    Good luck and enjoy the planning!

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    Next week I start my 3rd semester of nursing school. Finals end May 8 and I'm getting married May 12. Between this past summer and this winter break, I've gotten SO much done, so use your breaks to your advantage! According to the class ahead of us, this semester is the hardest, but I figure if I get too overwhelmed, I'll just start delegating tasks. Good luck and make sure you take time for self care!
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    I just got engaged on Christmas, and am getting ready to start my finally semester of nursing school. I am lad I ran across this thread. We are planning a July 4th wedding, and I'm already stressing out. It's good to hear all your helpful comments. I am the type that gets VERY stressed out, and need to learn to delegate things more. Thanks again.
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