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Writers Block...

I'm attempting to write a paper for my literature classes on the book Fahrenheit 451. I didn't find the book interesting at all so it's been difficult to come up with things to write about. Ugh. It's due Monday and I keep getting distracted. I'm usually great about getting homework done pretty far in advance...I just hate this book.

Anyone else stressed about upcoming deadlines?
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Re: Writers Block...

  • FIrst of all: I cannot believe that you don't like Fahrenheit! I guess it's because I'm a book nerd (i'm a creative writnig major!) and a sci-fi nerd but that book is truly one of the best written, up there with 1984 and Brave New World. 

    Secondly: I'm going a little bonkers with my deadlines for my on campus literary magazines. I'm on the reading board for two, and copy-editing for one. I have the things I need to copy-edit (the eniter magazine!) which isn't due until the 29th but I don't have the stuff to read for the other magazine which is due the 25th aka this next saturday! I know have other work that'll be due around those dates so I'm little annoyed with the higher-ups who havent gotten me my stuff! 
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  • I am with ya on the deadlines thing. I have a 10-12 page paper due Weds. night and the peer review draft is due tomorrow. I am drawing a blank on a section. I may just  call it quits for an hour or so and read the book we need to read for tomorrow night.
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  • I am pretty much failing on my motivation for studying for all my tests this upcoming week.  It’s really bad.  Usually I am a little more motivated.  

    I also hated Fahrenheit 451 so I feel your pain.  And If you are wondering I am an English Lit major.

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