Any Education Majors?

New to this board, just wondering if anyone else was an education major.  I am an elementary education major, and I hope to teach 4th grade.  I have a degree in history, but I am just now starting all my education coursework so I won't graduate until December 2012.

What grade/subject are you wanting to teach and how long til you're finished?

Re: Any Education Majors?

  • I am going for Middle Level Education, Math and Science and plan to graduate December 2011
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  • I am a high school math teacher in my fourth year- TENURE YEAR woot!
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  • I'm in my last year of my undergrad and doing early childhood education. I just got my clinical placement for this semester and I am going to be working with second graders! I'm really excited.
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  • I am an Elementary Education major with a Language Arts concentration.  Fiance is a Secondary Education major with a History concentration.  We both have one semester of classes left (starts Wednesday!) and then full time student teaching for a semester before graduation.  I hope to teach Kindergarten or first grade!
  • I have been teaching English for the past five years.  I'm starting year 6 on Wednesday!  I'm in grad school for my Master's in Language Education.
  • I am an junior early childhood education major. I start student teaching this semester and I'm so excited. I hope to teach preschool or kindergarten.
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  • I am an elementary education major. I'm a sophomore so I'm still doing the general education requirements (math, science, english, etc.) I hope to be accepted into the education program next semester. I really want to teach 2nd grade.
  • I am a special ed/elementary ed major. I gradate in Dec. 2012, my wedding isn't till 2013 though, lol.
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  • I majored in Elementary Education with a minor in Human Development. I got my degree and credential last year. I have looked for a job locally, but there aren't many available. I  am considering going back to school to get a second credential in Special Education. I hope to eventually teach second grade.
  • I graduated in 2008 as a Secondary English major. Now I'm back for my Master's (to be finished in June 2011 - about a month and a half before the wedding!!!) in Education with a Reading Specialist certification. 
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  • I am a junior Elementary Education major with a reading concentration.  Graduate December 2011 three weeks before the wedding!  I would honestly teach any elementary grade.  I love them all!
  • I'm a Special Education major, set to graduate in May 2011! I hope to teach at the elementary level, specifically with cognitive disabilities or severe cognitive disabilitiies, but I'll be certified to teach cross-cat K-12.
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  • I'm a Music Education Major and will be certified to teach K-12 when i graduate. I should graduate in may 2012!!! I'm so excited! i still don't know what grade I'm going to teach. I may just do private instruction for a while. :)
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  • I am in my last semester of my Master's program for Secondary English Ed. I'm not sure what grade I want to teach. I guess I will know after I finish my student teaching this semster.  The job market in NY stinks, so I will definitely take whatever I can get!
  • Majoring in K-12 Special Ed and Elementary Ed (K-5) with a concentration in English.  I'll start looking for jobs once FI finds a church (he's going to be a Youth Pastor), so I'll take anything I can find, but I love K-3.  I'll graduate in May 2011.
  • Welcome to the boards newbie! 

    I'm an elementary ed major, minors are language arts and science with a ZA endorsement for early childhood. I'll be certified birth through 6th grade, but I want to teach first or second. I'm a sophomore this year, but it's my third year of classes, I dual enrolled senior year of high school and completed a years worth of credits, I'll be graduating May 2013
  • I'm a Secondary Education (English) major. I'll be finishing up my undergrad in May 2012, with any luck. I just changed my major from Music Education, which was so specific that hardly any of the credits counted for requirements for the new major, even though I'm in the same university. If all goes well, I'll be getting married in June 2013.
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  • Secondary Math Education, with minors in Math and History.

    Graduation looks sooooooo far away (Spring of '12). EVERYONE has told me that trying to get married during your first year of teaching is a nightmare, so we're holding off until November 2013. I always wanted an outdoor wedding, and New Orleans is just too darn hot to have an outdoor summer wedding.

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  • I'm majoring in History/Secondary Education. I student teach next fall (Fall 2011) and graduate in December. I am so excited that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! We are planning to get married in February 2012. I know its kinda crazy trying to plan a wedding while student teaching, but I hope to have everything planned by the time I start school in the fall.
  • I'm an Elementary Ed major. I'm only in my second year, but I have a job as a tutor/teacher's aide with two 1st grade classes. I love it!
  • I'm a K-12 Music Education major and I'm currently student teaching, so I'll be graduating in December.  I want to be a high school band director.  Though, I am hoping to eventually teach at the collegiate level, but that probably won't be for another 8-10 years.
  • Does anyone know anything about getting hired in the middle of the year, or appropriate jobs to hold on to for a semester until the next school year starts?

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  • I'm in grad school for School Counseling. I plan to graduate March 2012. In between, I'm getting married (August 13th, 2011). Life is crazy right now!!!! LoL
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  • I am an Art Education major in my last semester before student teaching.  I'm super excited to student teach this spring and then graduate after.  It's going to be a crazy summer because after I graduate I'm moving from WI to SC to be with my fiance.  The problem is, we can't live together until we're married (conservative family) so we're trying to plan a small wedding after we graduate and then find a place to live and careers in only a few months.  I honestly don't know if it'll work but if our wedding is basically a vacation for everyone who goes and we just have a ceremony and a family dinner, I'm perfectly ok with that!
  • I have my bachlors in K-12 Music Education and am almost done with my Masters in Educational Leadership.
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  • Secondary ed, Science/Math. I'll also have history, anthropology, and geography. But for a job I'm trying the science. 
    Getting married in 2012. 
    In the middle of transferring from community college to 4 year now. I've knocked out the core classes and have been building to the transfer. Should help the rest go faster. 
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  • I'm a music education major, looking at going into my masters in Voice Pedagogy/Performance- looking at getting married in 2014. :-D
  • I'm an early childhood education major! I have 3 years left until my Masters in my ProTeach program but I'm getting married Feb 2011 :). I want to teach Kindergarten and ESOL.
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