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Greek art

ugh...i have a paper due next week on greek art and my brain is not working properly...any ideas for a topic?

Re: Greek art

  • mixtapeheartsmixtapehearts
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    Ancient art?

    I wrote a paper on Panathenaic amphorae, which were the vases given out as prizes during the Panathenaic games in Ancient Athens. They're super cool...(But I'm geeky and probably the only one who thinks this)


    Either this or some ancient greek scupltures... There's a ton of amazing busts out there!

    Hope this is helpful!
  • What's the assignment?  Are there any sort of guidelines? I'm a history major, took several classics classes, might be able to help!
  • it is a greek art history paper...it eventually has to become a 15pg paper. but the first step is a histography paper- basically a review of readings about the subject matter
  • Maybe something on they themes of the bull and how it evolves? I know that in several ancient cities they had bull 'dancing' and acrobats around Crete and during Minoan times and such.
    There is a lot of interesting artwork, and they thought of bulls as sacred for a long time. Maybe you could tie that into their worship of nature and about the Potnia Theron ....? That is something that is a running theme through many of the Greek gods and goddesses...
    This might be a little further back than is necessary though, and being that the Minoan civilazation is so old the information might be a little hard to find and fill up a 15 page paper...

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