XP WWYD - School Troubles

So, I'm getting my minor in French. To do so, I have a general french class (emphasis on grammar) and a french translation class for this entire school year.

I've been having some troubles with some of the grammar lessons, even though I'm reading the chapters, doing the homework questions, and even doing some extra review on my own time. I'm not doing *terribly*, I just feel like I'm putting in a lot more effort than I'm getting out of this.

I can get through the class since there's only a couple months left, but I really want to improve my work. I went and talked to my professor, who basically said he couldn't help me. That this is entirely up to me to figure out, and if I do the readings and the work I should be fine. So I decided to look for a tutor, however, at my level of french there aren't any available for me through the school.

I have a friend from church who teaches elementary/high school french and also studied it during university. She's agreed to help me out, but when we met yesterday I realized that she knows about as much french as I do (at this level). I'm not entirely sure how helpful she's going to be, but right now she's the only option I have.

The thing is that I'm not sure what I don't understand about things. It isn't that I have questions, but I think I just misunderstand some of the picker details about the grammar without realizing it and I end up doing poorly on my homework.

So at this point, what should I do? My professor made it very clear that he cannot (or will not) help me with this.

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