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Monday I had a test, presentation, and a paper due. I knew I had a presentation and test tomorrow but my prof hadn't posted any study guides. Study guide goes up and there's 90 essay questions. 90. Ok fine, I'll memorize 90 questions. Get an email from him today saying that the paper that goes along with the presentation is also due, even though its not on the syllabus.
Thankfully I already had the articles read so I could whip out the paper fast. But 3 big things due for both classes in the same week does not help me enjoy my summer!

Re: summer school stress

  • Eek, yeah that's no fun at all. I hate when teachers don't list things on the syllabus or bother to mention due dates until they're uncomfortably close. They have to know they're not going to receive the highest calliber of effort if they don't give students ample time to do things right.
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    I know what you mean.  I didn't sleep for two nights because I had an exam and paper due all at once and with work and classes in the evening.  It doesn't leave me much time to get stuff done. The summer is def. sucking for me, but I think I only have like 2-3 weeks of classes left and then I can enjoy my August.  Good luck with your classes!
  • My professor doesn't look at a calendar when he sends e-mails out.  I was preparing for this big project of making an animation of my work due on the 10th (A satuday, which was weird) and then he mentioned that Tuesday the 6th it was due on the 8th.  He just didn't look at the calendar.  He did that before too on the first week (didn't show up for the first week of class...)
    It's so annoying when they can't follow a schedule.  I get they are people, but man, we pay soo much money for them to teach us.
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  • I know all too weel how this feels.  Just yesterday I had a midterm exam, a major paper, and a quiz due.  All for the same class. Not to mention we had to start reading the next book assigned and still post on the discussion board (online class).  I was feeling very overwhelmed, especially since I had a canoe trip planned with my FI for the day, which ended up taking us 5 1/2 hours instead of 3 like it was supposed to.  Needless to say, I got ALL of it done....ont time too! It wasn't fun though.  Keep chugging along! It will all be over soon!
  • I feel your pain! I have 2 finals in the next 2 days, and I'm getting married in 10! ahhh gotta love school & weddings at the same time!
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