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Hi girls! I'm just curious about any sort of restrictions your parents or fiance have on you planning during the school year. Mine will really only let me plan stuff or commit large amounts of time to planning during breaks. I understand that completely, and I've actually been able to plan a lot of stuff that way and not stress about it, but I wasn't sure if anyone else had those kinds of restrictions on them? 

I mean, obviously I'm a grown woman and can make my own choices, but at the same time, hell hath no fury like a mother ignored.
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Re: Planning During School

  • My fiance says if my exams start showing that my wedding is taking that over too, like it has our dining table, no more planning until Christmas break. Other than that I have free reign.
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    My parents nor fiance ever said anything about planning during school or limiting how much I could plan.  I have free reign over what I do.  And honestly I'm working, going to school full time, and planning a wedding and there's still free time left over some days.  It should completely take over your life like that.  

    It's also completely okay to just plan on breaks for big stuff.  I did a lot over the summer on my days off.  

    Even though you may say you're a grown woman, your mother should not have that much control over how you spend your time.
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  • No one has ever restricted my time to plan.  In fact, my mom emails with in class with ideas and things that she's found lol.  It supposed to be a fun time in your life and if you're old enough to be getting married, then you should be old enough to manage your own time effectively (and on your own terms).

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  • I find that planning for my wedding during college helps me to relax. If I'm stressed or thinking too hard on a problem, then I take a few minutes to look up stuff for my wedding, and then back to my homework with a clear head. The trick is to manage my time properly!
  • I've never been "restricted." I have definitely been planning during school. I have no choice. However, I'll admit, I haven't done anything too significant yet. I'm going to save a lot for my winter break, when I'm around family and have plenty of free things to get things done.
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  • I'm 26. There is now way that my mother would put a restriction on my time management skills.

    That being said, I still only plan (either by contacting vendors, looking online, pinning, visiting, etc) when I have a slow week at school and if nothing is due/not a lot of reading. Saturday is usually the day that I will devote an hour or so to wedding planning/discussing.
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