I'm so excited! YAY!

Soooo, My first two years of college I really didn't do well.  I hadn't wanted to leave home so I went home all the time and wouldn't go to class and I really messed up my GPA, so badly in fact that I got academically suspended. 

So after that happened I decided to take a semester off but then I went back to school this spring and I did so much better.  Well, I figured I would keep having to go to a community college so I can pull up my GPA.  

But I decided that I was just going to apply to the school that I really wanted to go to.  Just for fun. Just to see what happens. Welllll, Its not official yet.  But I am able to log in.  And for the past few weeks it has said "Currently being Reviewed"  But today I logged on and it said "Decision Made-You will recieve mail notification in 2-4 weeks"

Well I started snooping around and it shows me all of my current credits that transfer to the school I applied to and I can see a degree eval. now as well. 

So I am like 95% sure that I got accepted.  I'll know for sure when I get my letter but I don't see why they would make all of that available to me if they weren't accepting me!  So I am soooooo excited because I thought for sure that I was going to be denied because of my first two years of school!  So I am so excited right now! YAY!

Re: I'm so excited! YAY!

  • congrats that is really exciting! what is your major going to be? i transferred schools in between my soph and junior year and realized i missed my old school's program so i had to wait a year to come back and will graduate next year instead of graduating this month. it's hard to put it off and come back, glad to hear it worked out for you as well.
  • My major is Psychology.  I was a Nursing major, but after messing up my first two years of college that just isn't going to happen for me right now.  So my plan is finish up my BS in Psychology and go back and get an Accelerated BSN once I graduate with my Psychology degree.   
  • Nice! Congrats! :) Thats super exciting
  • Congrats! That's definitely exciting, especially since it sounds like you weren't expecting it!
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  • Congrats!  I'm so glad your hard work this spring paid off =)
  • Congrats! That's awesome! I have a few friends who did the psychology route then went back to get their nursing license and all of them have said that that was a better path to take then just majoring in nursing because having the psychology background really helped when it came to interacting with patients.  I give you major props because I could never be a nurse, needles scare me and I pass out :)
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    Yay that is really exciting!!! :)
  • Thanks everybody!  I officially got my acceptance letter and I can't wait to attend!  Paying for school this time around is going to be a little difficult because my parents can't help me since they are paying for the wedding but it just means I'll have to work hard over the summer to save up to pay for schooL!  But, I am so ecstatic!
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