On here again, when I REALLLLLLY should be working on homework

I have two four page papers and a test due tomorrow, a paper and test on wednesday, and a take home essay portion of a test due friday.....and what am I doing? I'm on here! Ugh.....I need help! Wedding stuff is just so much more fun! 
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Re: On here again, when I REALLLLLLY should be working on homework

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    I feel your pain! I'm at work, have a 60% essay due Friday that I have yet to start. 2 exams to study for and a reflective essay due monday. And look where I am.
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  • Thirding this!! I should be working on my chapbook submission but here I am! haha I love poetry but planning my wedding is currently beating it badly at the fun level xD
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  • Same! I should be working on my senior research, 30+ page paper that consists of 75% of my grade but I am on here instead lol. 
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  • Me too!  I've got two projects that I have to start tomorrow, a paper I should be researching, and then two exams, maybe 3 next week.  One's easy so it doesn't count though.  This is relaxing after a day of studying.  Or procrastinating.  I should be looking for a second job too, but yet again, this is more fun.  
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  • I just can't wait for the semester to end, which isn't still the second week of May.  I have so much wedding stuff I have been putting off that once summer comes I will be so busy.  Wedding stuff is so much more fun that school stuff.
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  • I waste so many hours on TK. It's really a problem.
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    Life is good today.
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    Thanks ladies! I'm glad to see I'm not alone in this boat either! Lol! I have such a problem with procrastinating already, and now that I'm getting married, I REALLLLY tend to procrastinate with all my school work! I have a problem for sure! Lol!
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  • Welcome to my world. *sigh*

    At least we're all procrastinating together! ;)

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  • FaithCaitlin-

    Yay for procrastination! Lol!
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  • Procrastination = a college girl's favorite hobby.
    Or at least it's one of mine anyways. :)
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