Future planning - thoughts? (Lengthy)

My fiance and I are trying to figure out what exactly what we should do for next year. Here is our situation:

We are both in school. He will be graduating this May with a degree in trumpet performance.  We are getting married in July, and then I have one year of school left - methods and student teaching.  The apartment we are in now is pretty decent and we're getting a pretty nice deal: rent is $2,000 a semester, or $695 a month, and includes gas heat and cooking, water, and 77 channel cable, so we only pay for electricity and internet.  The only problems we have with this place are the parking situation (we have permits, but guests' cars can only stay until 11pm or they get towed; we have to move their cars to the hotel down the street so they don't get towed) and the people upstairs (very loud and noisy; they stomp on the ground [our ceiling] all the time, even now as I'm typing this).  We happened to find another apartment that is specifically grad housing, which means it will be more quiet, which will be nice for my lesson planning.  They also do not tow.  Cost is the exact same, and we gain another bathroom. And it's just down the street from where we are now.

The only things that concerns me is that we would probably only be there for a year... Is it worth moving everything for only a year?

There is the chance that we could stay for two years if he ends up taking a master's program here, but then I would have to find a teaching job for only a year and leave right after since he would probably go to another school for a doctorate... Any teachers out there, what are your thoughts on leaving after my first year of teaching at a school? 

Any help would be appreciated!
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Re: Future planning - thoughts? (Lengthy)

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    I think it would be worth it for a year if it will make things easier on you guys.
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    Don't think about the possibly of staying more than a year or not- make the decision based purely on whether a year of getting away from the ceiling banging and bad parking situation is worth the hassle of moving.  Totally your call, based on how bad the noise is, how much stuff you'd have to move, etc.  Personally, I hate moving, but a year of people banging around the ceiling waking me up at night would be pretty unbearable.
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    I think moving sounds like a good idea - you can't really know for sure what will be going on a year from now (i.e., whether you'll even have a job teaching), so why not make a change right now that will make you happy? :) Best of luck with everything!
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    Moving can be a pain, but if it'll put you into a better and happier place, I say go for it!
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    Thanks everyone! I think we are going to go ahead and make the move... a bigger living room, 1 1/2 baths, and access to an indoor pool and gym kind of helped make the decision! :)
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    Moving can be a pain but if it saves you the trouble of dealing with noisy neighbors and friends over then go for it. 
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    I'd definitely do it!

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    I guess it depends on the location, but that sounds a little expensive for the complaints you are making.
    I'm sure you could find something nicer in the same price range, and even if it's just for a year, you will probably be much happier.
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