Last Day of Classes! When's Yours?

This semester has kicked my butt. I'm SO happy that today is my last day of classes!!

I have 3 exams next week and then I'm done! 

What about you?

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Re: Last Day of Classes! When's Yours?

  • Exam week ends the a TON of make up work to do since I was sick all semester. So nervous about my GPA.

    Anyone have crazy profs that are giving chapter/unit exams and/or presentations the week before finals, and then ANOTHER exam for finals week? Math is gonna kill me...
  • We're all so close! Hang in there girls!

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  • Ugh I'm jealous! I'm teaching for another 3 weeks, and tomorrow. I'm done on the 22nd. 16 school days to go!
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  • Ouch! Till the 22nd? :( That fails.
  • The 13th is my last day of finals. I am so ready to be done!! Only one more semester and I graduate.
  • I wish I was done. I have classes til Tuesday and finals through the 14th. I want to go home!
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  • I believe the 14th is my last day.  GL on your Finals ladies!
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  • My last day of classes is the 6th....but then i still have projects due and my practicum runs till the 17th

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  • I officially finished student teaching today! I just have to finish up the last few things for my online class by the 7th. Then I have to compile my internship portfolio for the 8th! So ready for Christmas and the wedding!!
  • Next week is my last week of classes.
    3 finals the following week.

    And then wedding planning and Christmas with my FI
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  • My last day of classes is the 15th, but I have three papers due after that (including two in January... bleah for work over break). I'm hitting the end-of-term burnout. Two... more... weeks.
  • My last finals are on the 19th. A lot of people are done so much sooner! Lucky!
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  • You guys are so lucky! Finals don't end at UWP til the 23rd. I'm very grateful that I have no finals that day but unfortunately I do have one at night on the 22nd. UGH!!!! I'm ready to be done and yet I still have 2 more weeks of actual classes. 
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