Law School and Wedding Planning

So I will be starting law school next fall (got acceptance into one school but waiting to hear back from my top choice schools). I will be getting married June 23, 2012, a little over a month after the end of my first year of law school. I know that last few months of wedding planning are the most stressful. Im starting to get nervous that I will be too preoccupied with last minute wedding stuff that I wont be able to focus on finals. Ive heard the first year of law school is the most difficult because its hard to get used to format. Has anyone ever had a similar situation?? Is it do-able?? Any suggestions for studying for finals??

Re: Law School and Wedding Planning

  • I am in the same boat! But my wedding is two weeks after finals!! I decided to go with a package type antebellum home close to school to cut down on planning time! My MOH is a 1L at LSU law and as long as you dont wait until the last moment to cram- she says it shouldn't be anymore stressful than the first semester!
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