Stuck in school until next fall :(

I was originally planning on graduating this spring alongside my FI with our BA's. Unfortunately things have occurred within my family that has made it incredibly difficult to concentrate on school.

After speaking with my advisor and my Mom, I decided the best thing for me was to opt out of this semester of school and start over in Spring so I can get back on track.

So this means instead of walking together in our cap and gowns across the stage, I'll be watching my FI from the audience.

Not really looking for advice, just sadly venting. But I do know things will get better, it's just gonna take time.

Re: Stuck in school until next fall :(

  • I'm sorry you're having a hard time right now. My roommate had to take a semester off for health reasons and will be graduating in August instead of December like she planned.

    I think that if you made the best decision for you right now that it will all work out for the best :)
    And if the stormy weather came...I'd just kiss you in the rain... Daisypath Anniversary tickers image
  • Thank you for all of your kind words. :)
  • This is happening with my FI and I, except the other way around. I'll be graduating before him. Just know that I'm sure he supports you and it will fly by! Good luck!
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