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Masters in Teaching

So, I am going to be starting my Masters in Teaching in exactly two months and am getting really nervous! I am doing the Elementary program and hope to be an ELL or dual language classroom teacher. Are there any teaching students or teachers out there that can give me advice? I tend to be shy an am really worried about getting over that and becoming a really good teacher!
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Re: Masters in Teaching

  • I've been in the Early Childhood Education/Special Education program at my school the past two years. I start my masters program in about two weeks. Personally, I absolutely love it. It really depends on you though. I don't really know what kind of advice to give you. I think it just comes naturally for really good teachers. Have you worked with children before? I think that would be the best indicator to you on how you'll be in a classroom.
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    I understand.  I start my MS in August, and part of it is that I'll be TAing labs.  I know it's different, but after either fall or spring, I'm on my own.  Teaching lab.  And once I start my PhD, I'll be teaching classes.  It scares the crap out of me.  Especially after TAing labs as an undergrad.  I don't know if teaching is for me, but I feel like it's what I need to do in order to be able to do research...lazy students (and I know they're lazy since I watched them be smart already...) really really annoy the crap out of me and make me feel like an awful teacher.

    I think the shyness thing will nip itself in the bud once you get comfortable.  I was afraid to tell students to knock bad behavior off at the beginning, but as we got through the year, I've been way more comfortable with it.  If you really enjoy what you're teaching, I think you'll make a great teacher, just because you'll want your students to do well.  And those are the BEST teachers.  :)
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  • Was your BS in education? Ill be graduating with my BS in elementary education next May. Although it is a time consuming major, it seems to be very rewarding, and I love it! :D

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  • I'm minoring in educational studies and have spent a lot of time in field placements as a result. I think one of the best things I learned was that you have to pretend to always be in control (even when you're freaking out inside!). Even though I felt scared and nervous when I was a classroom assistant, I realized that the kids I was helping looked at me and saw an adult and naturally believed that I had authority over them. They only tried to take over when I started doubting myself and letting it show. And, for the record, I was working in a classroom of 6th graders who came from backgrounds that would make many teachers automatically assume that they were difficult kids - and I adored them!

    Plus, I always remind myself that they are human beings. In general, they don't have it out for you. I haven't met a student who was genuinely mean or nasty (yet!).

    Best of luck :) :)
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    I'm an ESE/Social studies teacher 4 years in, I can honestly say enjoy your masters work.  Your first year of teaching will be your real masters, lol! Your learning curve will surprise you when you look back. My biggest lesson was to be a person and be honest with the kids and learn to let the lesson plan go. I can't tell you how many perfectly planned lessons I had that totally bombed but the kids will never know or if they catch on will just say "uhhhh Miss J , is this working right?" Use those introductory weeks to establish control and let the rest follow...
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  • Yea teachers!  I'm student teaching in the fall and will be certified in December.  I'm sure you'll get over the shyness quickly once you're in front of your students.

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