Is it just me?

I am so excited about this wedding, but I am so stressed out it isn't funny. I feel like i'm more irratable and its like I want to strangle everybody.  From BM drama and this girl in class who seems to think that she is Jesus or something, I'm going to go crazy. Ok so I was eating lunch in the cafe and I was on my cell phone talking to my FI, like normal, and she starts saying things about me like I cant hear her. I so could hear her. She did this the whole time I was on the phone. I wasn't talking loud. I was talkin in a normal quiet tone. I have a class with her. All through class her phone vibrates. I dont know if maybe I am the only one who hears it or what. But it goes off the whole time. Listen hootch, just cause you and your drug dealer are best friends, does not mean that you have to stay in contact with them 24/7. Judgemental? Negative. I overheard her and 2 other girls talking about their weed use. In the state of TN, that's illegal.

Sorry I just needed to vent.

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  • Wedding stuff makes a lot of people irritable. I wonder why she cares that you're talking on the phone in the cafe? Is this high school? People on my campus don't really care about what others are doing. Too busy to care. She needs more things to do in her life.
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    [QUOTE]I overheard her and 2 other girls talking about their weed use. In the state of TN, that's illegal. 
    Posted by crystaldalton93[/QUOTE]

    <div>Oh, gasp! They smoked a little pot. Big freaking deal. You complain that she seems to be listening in on and talking about were listening in on and talking about her to know/say this. </div><div>
    </div><div>I'm not really sure why she'd care if you were on your cellphone in a public place. How old are you? Are you still in high school?</div>
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  • As long as she's not coming to class high/drunk and making a scene, why do you care what she does in her free time? Whether or not you consider it right, lots of people smoke pot. It's not really that big of a deal. If she was doing coke or something, that might be gasp-worthy, but pot? Really?

    Ignore her. Who cares if she's bothered by you? Yeah, it's annoying, but it's not the end of the world. You're getting yourself pretty worked up over nothing.
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  • Another vote for ignore her.

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  • Sometimes little things like that can get under your skin, especially when you are already feeling worked up over something.  Try looking at it this way:  You were important enough in her world to warrant her paying that much attention to you.  If that doesn't help I would follow the advice of PPs and just ignore her.  This is most likely someone that you will not see much of after the term is out or once you graduate. 
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    Just ignore her.

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