Paying for the Wedding?

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Re: Paying for the Wedding?

  • You're making an adult decision to get married, so be an adult and pay for it youself. 
  • Your parents have no obligation to pay for your wedding.  If you can decide to get married, you can pay for it yourself, like pp said.  You and your FI need to plan a wedding that you two can afford, and if your parents offer to help with anything, that's great.  But they don't have to, and you shouldn't expect them to.  It's not their job, they don't owe you money.  Your wedding, you pay for it.
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  • My parents are not only not paying for my wedding, but they are kicking me off their insurance, even though I would still be eligable. Even before they told me that, I expected to pay for everything. Ceremony at the church I belong to, so I'm paying just a small donation; only 20 guests, to save on everything; no reception, to save a TON on food, venue, photography, etc; getting a cheap dress; FI is making our rings. Is it my dream wedding? No (well, parts of it still are). But I'd rather get married when I am than wait 6 more years until the earliest time I could possibly afford a reception with our combined families of 135 people. Like PP said, if you're getting married, you're an adult, so be responsible and find a way to make it work. And don't go into debt doing it.
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    You choose between having a small wedding or just getting married without a ceremony or waiting until you can afford the wedding you want. Your family has no obligation to pay.
  • My parents couldn't pay for the wedding because they're financially strapped with taking care of other family members.  FI and I paid for about 90% of the wedding.  Agree with pp.
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  • Me and my FI are paying for our wedding. Both our parents plan on contributing some money but the majority of the cost will be on me and my FI. It is very nice and appreciated that our parents are willing to give us money towards the wedding but it was not expected. 
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    It's a gift if your parents pay for your wedding.  Fi and I had totally planned on paying for our own wedding and my parents decided they wanted to give us some help with it.  If they give you money that comes with restrictions than you deal with it or don't accept the money.  My parents are treating it as the last thing they help me with because they feel that when you get married you can take care of yourself and your other half.  Be an adult and just accept it.
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    My parents are paying for everything, BUT I NEVER FOR A SECOND expected them to.  In fact, I expected them not too and planned to elope honestly...  I'm very lucky, but I could never require it of my parents.  I think it's a bit much to expect your parents to pay for a wedding.  Especially with the way the economy is now, and how it has messed with nest eggs and savings accounts for older adults.  I'd rather my parents have a comfortable retirement than me have a wedding.
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