New to the board... any advice?

Hey everyone. I am going to be a sr. next semester and I am planning on getting married this coming summer which means I will have a semester left after I marry the man of my dreams. He has already been graduated for a year will have have been two years by the time we get married. I am going through a fairly hard struggle with my parents about letting us get married this summer and not waiting until graduation.... what do you all think? any advice? we are planning on having a convo with my parents over the wedding date over thanksgiving break... which means a couple of days... and i am super nervous and would love to hear how those conversations when with other people and their parents : ) thanks!

Re: New to the board... any advice?

  • Listen to what their reservations are about you getting married so soon more often than not they have a legitimate reason for not wanting things to happen so soon.

    Take time to enjoy your engament and plan your wedding. I wish you the best of luck with your chat. You will have to let us know how it goes.
  • it can work but there can be some issues

    health insurance can be a problem for you if you are currently on your parent's insurance.   Make sure you have that covered before marriage.

    Marriage also changes your qualifications for student loans and for your parents ability to help you pay for schooling. 

    So I would reccomend talking to them about their concerns and see why they are hesitant about you being married before graduating.  They could have very real concerns. 

    If their concerns are not of very importance to you or your future then discuss why you want to be married this summer and have an open line of communication

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  • Make you sure present your position for getting married logically to your parents in a way they will understand and appreciate. What are your reasonings for getting married prior to graduation? Are they reasonable?
    Are you also able to see their point of view?

    I'd also take consider what aggie mentioned--if you are currently on your parents insurance, or if they are paying for your tuition, these could be expensive things for you to have to take on while in school full-time.

    Good luck!
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