First day back bright and early!

My first class starts at 8 and I will tell you right now I was not prepared to get up early! I went to bed at a good time but COULD NOT FALL ALSEEP!!! Last time I looked at my clock was 1 in the morning! :-( lets hope that my eyes have taught themseleves a lesson... But anyway has anyone else started back up yet? how are your classes so far? My other two aren't until this evening so so far mine had been good (beside being at 8 haha)!
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Re: First day back bright and early!

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    H is on campus and I'm online, but he goes back Wednesday and I am soo not excited for his 8 AM classes he has every day. Sleeping in since the beginning of December has been wonderful!
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    I kinda wish I was back already but no, I start next Tuesday.
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