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Has anyone here studied abroad? I just sent in my application to study abroad in Ghana this coming summer. Strangely enough, the leader of the trip is the aunt of one of my best childhood friends! Both the aunt and her niece are from Ghana so I guess it made sense! Maybe that'll earn me some extra points? ;) (I'm kidding, of course.)

I'd love to hear of some study abroad tales and any advice on the subject from you gals!
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    I did an exchange trip with a high school in Germany when I was still in high school, and then spent 3 weeks studying Shakespeare in England during the summer of 2010. Like PPs said, it is beyond amazing! All the hard work I put into saving up for it will always be worth the things I got to do and see and experience. I'm jealous of you going to Ghana! Hopefully FI and I will have an international honeymoon :)
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    My study abroad was in Germany, but I lived in Ghana for two summers as a special education teacher. Ghana is fabulous! Which region will you hopefully be going to?

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