I don't post much here, but I feel you knotties will better understand me ...
I just started my first semester of Grad School and my wedding is the last week of my classes.
That's not the problem ...
I am taking two classes online and one at school.
Between classes, working full time, tutoring on the side, babysitting, I also clean a dental office and in March I will be starting a part-time job.  I'm crazy, I'm aware of that, I probably will never change either.
How come everything I log onto my online classm i end up on TK.  I don't even post that much.  It's crazy.
Last night while babysitting after the kids went to bed instead of reading for class, I watched SYTTD on ondemand.
I just feel so distracted and my classes aren't that interesting.

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Re: Distractions

  • I totally feel your pain.  In fact I've been so distracted this weekend that I had to skip my lecture that is going on right now to finish a presentation that I have for a class at 3:30.  I think that your feelings are totally normal!  Sometimes it's really hard to get motivated.  I don't have all that much advice for you, besides just trying to stay organized and make sure you balance out your schedule so that you have time to study and also time to do the things you enjoy.  It's hard to stick to it, but it does help to have everything organized.
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