NWR: Lazy After Thanksgiving Break

Am I the only one who became lazy after Thanksgiving Break? Lol, it seemed I couldn't focus at all in class today, my Stats instructor just sounded like Charlie Brown's mother to me I was so not into anything she said. I have no motivation to do these 2 papers I have to do, and I have 3 finals coming up...I need some motivation!! I' can't wait till this semester is over!!
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Re: NWR: Lazy After Thanksgiving Break

  • I can't focus either. And I need to write two more essays. But it isn't because of the thanksgiving weekend (because in Canada, we didn't have thanksgiving) it's just because I'm sick of the semester and tired of working. I'm just lazy.

    But no, you're not alone!
  • I'm so lazy I'm just so ready for this semester to be over, it's taking all my energy to write this paper!!
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  • I'm having trouble focusing too. Usually I could whip out a paper in no time but today I just have no motivation or focus!

  • Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one feeling lazy! I have a few papers and presentations to work on for the last 3 weeks of classes... but I have zero motivation... it's horrible!
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  • Ugh. I feel so lazy. I'm not going to lie... I looked up Cyber Monday deals during class today... But eventually I had to force myself to write part of my research paper.  I only have a few more pages to go! Only 4 more days until the end of the semester!! 
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    [QUOTE]I'm having trouble focusing too. Usually I could whip out a paper in no time but today I just have no motivation or focus!
    Posted by bethsmiles[/QUOTE]

    Hi Beth, please write mine thanks :) <3

    But seriously, I sympathize. Today went terribly for essay writing. Plus I lost my photocopied readings for it so I need to photocopy them...again. Ugh.
  • Can't focus :( Two papers due, one this Thursday and one the next; huge reading/discussion tomorrow that I'm not prepared for; and a huge environment project (education major) due by the 13th. I'm swamped with work and the sad part is I don't have any motivation to get it done. This semester needs to be over. 
  • Gahhhh I'm so jealous of everyone that's done this week or next.  We aren't done here for another 3 weeks!!!!!  I just want school to be over NOW! Haha.  Thanksgiving break is such a tease...
  • I'm almost done with one paper but I have a bunch of Stats work to do tonight and another paper due Friday plus a presentation...these 2 weeks need to hurry up I'm so ready to go home for Winter Break
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  • I definitley left me heart and brain  at home this break... I am SO ready for this semester ro be over!!
  • I'm on the lazy train too. I have a final next week I should be studying for. Yet I spend most of my time watching TV and browsing TK and looking for wedding stuff. ::Sigh::

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