To get married before or after Physical Therapy school??.... thats the question

Im newly engaged and we have a date picked out which is a month after I graduate from undergrad (June 2013) and I was pretty set and confident in this date until I talked to my mom. Im applying to physical therapy school next summer (which I will get into) and I would be getting married before entering my first semester of dPT school. My FI has a full time job that makes decent money however he will be finishing his undergrad degree through online class around this time. Another thing to consider is that I will have a 45min to an hour commute to school everyday, which is gas prices these days thats expensive.

Financially Im not sure if getting married before pt school is the right thing to do. My parents will be paying for the wedding, but Im not sure that they will continue to pay for my schooling once I get married.  Any opinions or advice on this is much appreciated!!

Thanks in advanced. 
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