Married-- now what!

My husband and I recently wed- March 2nd of this year. It was a last minute choice after beginning the planning stages of what was to be out June 28 2012 wedding. We made the choice for a couple of reasons- first of which was money. My parents were going to provide up to a certain amount- my then FI and I were to cover the rest. Well, as we all know, things started adding up- the guests mainly. We went from wanting a small wedding to a guest list of 250 (which is huge to us and not what we budgeted for). Long story short-ish.. Now we've been  married ('eloped' to Las Vegas with close family and friends- 12 ppl total) for a couple of months but still really want to have a big get together to celebrate with those who weren't involved in our small ceremony. I don't know where to beging or what sort of timeline I should follow-- any suggestions?

Re: Married-- now what!

  • I'd say just have a celebration of your marriage by having a barbeque or something to bring all of your family together.  My FI and I have thought about eloping too.  But I'd regret not having the pictures from an average sized wedding (even though the one we're gonna have is a little bigger than we'd like due to my parents).
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  • Have a summer bbq and invite your friends.  I think you're out of the AHR timeframe, honestly, and it can be considered rude to invite people to a "reception" when they weren't invited to the wedding (though a ceremony of 12 people probably wouldn't offend anyone).
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