Inviting College Friends?

I will be graduating in May and getting married in Feb. We're planning on sending our STDs out sometime this summer after I have moved from my college town and am settled in back home. I have a lot of great friends and sorority sisters here but im not sure how close im going to stay with them post-grad. Three of them are in my WP, but there are still plenty others that im still close to now. My problem is, I dont know if I will stay in touch that much with them by the time of my wedding and I dont know how to handle putting them on the guest list or not. I dont want to put them and a date on the list and then hardly ever talk to them after grad, but I also dont want to not invite them and it turn out that we keep in touch and I want them at my wedding. I dont want to hold out and wait after the STD's are sent because this is such a small town and everyone talks and I know if I didnt send them a STD, theyd find out and think they werent invited.

Anyone else having this situation? What did you do?

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Re: Inviting College Friends?

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    I didn't send save the date cards to our college friends. For my fiance and I, our college friends that we invited knew that we were getting and when we were getting married and some of them were counting down even more than we were. But we knew that if we sent a save the date card to a few, and they posted it on their frig or wall or something {if it didn't get lost somewhere in their dorm or apartment} another friend that we DIDN'T invite would get their feelings hurt and demand to know why they didn't get one or didn't get invited.

    So, as lame as it sounds, we just sent out a mass message to our friends from college that said "we care about you, we want you to be at our wedding, but we're not sending out save the date cards".

    Considering there are only a few of them that have actually made a effort to stay in touch with a us this semester of business, I'm kind of glad we didn't.

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