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I guess there was some drama today..

about the Nest IE boards and the Knot IE boards.I read the post and I can just say I don't care anymore. If not nice things were said. If they weren't. Water under the bridge.My brain is numb dealing with the grief over losing Jewelyn and I can't process something so meaningless in the big picture scheme. I'm posting here because it would be lost on the IE nest board right now and I want you all to see it. We just lost a beloved member of our board and it's left a great big empty hole. New members could never fill Jewelyn's place but maybe they could help it seem a little less empty.We actually love new members and welcome you to come and join us any time you like. Give us a chance to get to know you and for you to know us. I do warn you that we talk a lot about babies a lot but that's because 90% of us are new moms and that't what we think about so that's what we post about. It would be wonderful to have some not-moms help us post about other topics besides babies. They say you lose brain cells when you give birth you know. :)It's a little crazy on our board right now, but if not now then maybe when it quites down come and "meet" us. Mabye you can be one of those "two boards" kinda women.  huba hubaOh and for all you not married yet you don't actually have to be married to post with us. Either way come and check us out when your old married hags like us. wishing you all well.Amy g_lo2be on the nest/knot

Re: I guess there was some drama today..

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    Thanks! I'm not sure what drama you're referring to, I must have missed it! But regardless thank you so much for the warm welcoming. I know you girls are going through a lot, I will keep you all in my prayers.
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    I just wanted to say you have an absolutely beautiful baby boy. That is such an adorable picture!

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    I also don't know about the drama but I'm sorry it happened. Especially if it happened in the wake of what is going on with the passing of a Nestie. I agree, drama is meaningless in the big scheme. Thanks for the warm welcome =) I'll stop by when your board dies down a bit. I am SOOOO sorry for your loss. It breaks my heart.

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    Thanks for clearing things up Amy! On behalf of our board I apologize for any drama that has come from our end. I would also like to extend our sincerest sympathy to you and your fellow nesties-not to mention the poor girls friends and family! Also, thanks for the warm welcome/invitation. I've never made my way over there, I'm super attached to my girls here, but I'll have to come over and introduce myself sometime :)Best wishes,Christine
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