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knotties I need your help

AHHHH! So first off I need help finding a wedding dress, I am having issues finding something I like but more importantly something that fits. I am plus sized and well, not every gown shop makes things... any suggestions? I just talked to my cousin who is getting married a month before me and she is all sorted out and blah blah blah and I am getting very antsy cause we are always in competition and I want my wedding to rock.....

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    Okay first and foremost, do not let other people get to you! This is your wedding and you should have the things YOU want not the things that will be better than what someone else has, don't let competition stress you our or take the fun out of this for you! You deserve to have the wedding you always pictured regardless what anyone else is doing. Take a deep breath and remind yourself what this wedding is all about :) About your dress, where have you already gone?
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    thanks you are so right! i really shouldnt let myself get down. I really shouldn't its just a hard switch to turn off after 26 years of your life. I have looked at david's bridal and I started looking at alfred angelo as well, I do like there styles as well. I need something not strapless due to my mom and dad's requests. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. Its very much appreciated :) Althought I don't know any of you personally, you all are HUGE helps in my planning process.
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    I agree with MC.  This is your wedding, not your cousins.  If you go into the planning thinking of her wedding and trying to make it better, you may end up more stressed than you already feel. Planning a wedding is stressful in and of itself and letting others do the planning can cause more stress.  Also, every wedding is unique and your wedding will rock! =)  Plus, some people are good at hiding their stress.  So, just because it seems like she has everything sorted out, doesn't mean she does.  There are always bumps. =) You'll find what works for you and just enjoy this whole process.  It will be over before you know it and you'll actually miss it. =)
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    My dress was from DB. You can try local smaller bridal shops. They often have plus size dresses and a store in Claremont even ordered a dress for me so I could try it on.
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    If I were you, I would just call around different bridal shops and see if they have any plus sizes. It couldn't hurt.

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