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Happy Halloween/B- Party Day for CM;)

Hope everyone has a fabulous time tonight :)

Re: Happy Halloween/B- Party Day for CM;)

  • hischiquita!hischiquita! member
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    Hope you had a great time CM! Show us the pics!!!
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    Thanks MC!   I had a lot of fun... but was pretty stressed out.  Trying to get a handle on 12 females... It was fun though, we took a limo to a club on Sunset, there was sooooooo much traffic and finally made it to the club around 1130.  We had a VIP area, and the club was decked out looking like a pirate ship.  There was a special performance that did a pirate number.  It was really cool!  A couple of girls had a bit too much to drink and got sick on our way back.  All in all it was a lot of fun! But I'm still so exhausted...
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    and where are the pics?!
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    I have some pics on my facebook!  :)  Add me so you can see them.
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