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::Hump day letters::

(Since I was going through old posts I had to)

Tell the people in your life how you really feel!And..... GO!

Re: ::Hump day letters::

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    Dear Knotties (new and old),

    Please post more.. this board was such a valuable tool for my planning and it could be for you too (or for you to pass on the help to other brides!) :)

  • SarahB0427SarahB0427 member
    edited December 2011
    Here it goes...(my first time..I had to look back to figure out how to do it LOl)

    Dear Fi: Why do I feel like you dont want to be part of this whole planning process, it really hurts my feelings

    Dear Son: why are you growing up so fast, and why are you such an amazing boy, do I really deserve this?

    Dear MOH: Thank you for being the best MOH ever and so organized

    Dear FMIL: you are driving me crazy..save the drama for someone else I have enough on my plate

    Dear....You are also driving me crazy by not pulling your own weight...I do everything in this place and you do nothing but sit on the internet all day.  So today I am staying on the knot alll day long!

    Thats all i have for now
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    Dear Knotties,
      I miss the board being active. 

    Dear Andrew,
      You're the one that I love.  You are the one I love ooh ooh ooh! (Grease)

    Dear Lulu,
      Why must you dig and escape from the yard.  Let's see you dig through cement!  Mwuahahaha!

    Dear Sammy,
      Awww pobresita.  We'll take care of your booboo!

    Dear Suri,
      You are only 8 not 18 so stop acting like you're a teen. 

    Dear Amber & Syl,
      So when's lunch??

    Dear Coworkers,
      You two are the BEST!  I would not be able to get through the day with the b!!tch face if not for you guys.

    Dear school,
      Why do you start soon?  I want to cry when I think about you. 

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    Dear Scale....
    I think you are lying to me, the numbers are supposed to go down not up, its not april fools yet!

    Dear Clock...
    Can you please add so more time on to yourself, there is not enough time in the day to do regular stuff AND wedding stuff!

    Dear FI
    I love you! you look so cute sleeping!
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