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Catholic Ceremony (I'm catholic but fiancee isn't)

I'm catholic but my fiancee isn't and we're looking into getting married in a Catholic Church. He doesn't want to convert to the religion and I'm ok with that especially because I was told we could still get married in a church but the ceremony would be slightly different (no communion). Has anyone does this before? We want to get married in St. Catherine of Alexandria church in Temecula, Does anyone know the requirements for this church?

Re: Catholic Ceremony (I'm catholic but fiancee isn't)

  • I am in the same exact situation, fiance is not catholic.  But I will stil be receiving my communion. :) The mass will be the same with the exception he will not receive communion.
  • I am going through the same thing.  I highly recommend making an appointment with the Pastor or Priest at the church to discuss it as soon as possible.  Believe it or not, but the church is the hardest thing to book so the sooner you talk to them and get everything they need, the better off you are.  TRUST ME.   

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