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IE - where to live?

So... wedding is in two months. Still havent found a job. I might end up living where FI lives currently but i HATE it! Its soooo ghetto. But at $650 month... its affordable and we can save money.

We went looking for apartments this weekend. We can afford more... but really want to save for a house in the next two years. Anyway, we are looking at Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands... somewhere nice but not too expensive. Anyone know where there are some nice areas to live in? We can go up as high as $1200month.

We really want a house to rent if possible.

Re: IE - where to live?

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    I don't know much about that area of the IE. I've heard that Rancho and Redlands are nice areas but that is all hearsay. I live in the Southern part of the IE (boardering Northern SD county) which is really nice. Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee are all nice areas and you can easily find an apartment for $1200...mayyyybe even a little house. Most houses rent for $1400+ around here. I am about an hour away from Rancho/Redlands areas.

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    You can definitely rent a house for 1200-1800. I hope you guys get one :o)
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    We've been looking in Upland and some select parts of Chino. Rancho is really nice, but a bit pricey I think. My sister was renting a room out there in a really nice area not too long ago. I think every city has it's good parts and bad. We're trying to stay closer to LA County only becuase we want to stay somewhat close to our families and work places. I'm dreading the commute going into LA. Ugh!

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    im semi familiar with those areas and can say that atleast upland is nice but not over priced im sure u can find a decent non ghetto apartment to fit ur budget but keep ur hopes up so many ppl have house issues that more and more are willing to rent in order to not loose their homes so just look well and research
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    I do know that some parts of Upland and Rancho Cucamonga are expensive. I would recommend Ontario, Chino, Fontana :) I've leaved in the IE my whole life it's definately possible. I would recommend either looking through a rental agency or online like craigslist, pennysaver for home rentals. Good luck :)

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    I live in Yucaipa, so Redlands is is nice. Yucaipa is nice too just small.
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    Redlands is a nice area fo rthe most part.  It has it's spots that are iffy but it's a cute community overall. 

    Rancho is really nice but expensive.  You may be lucky to fine a one bedroom apartment for $1200 but they won't be the nice ones.

    Northern Fontana is nice as well.  Up by the 210fwy where Costco and LA Fitness is.  You have to be creful of FOntana though not very many places are nice just the northern part.

    San Bernardino by Cal State is decent.  No where else though.

    Highland is nice if you live close to the Ranch.

    Yucaipa is more country-esque but cheaper than some of the other areas.

    I don't live too far from where Bre lives and the other areas she mentioned.  They are all nice areas to live but may be a it of a drive to LA. 

    There's also Riverside and Corona to consider. 

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    Yucaipa is nice. grand terrace also and highgrove, lomalinda are nice areas too
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    Dude, I used to live by the Inland Center Mall! There were times when it got scary. But it was cheap and I was in college, so it worked. I think I paid $200 for the master bedroom in a house full of art students. I would definitely try Redlands, there are a lot of nice homes out there. Good luck!
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    i haven't posted in here in forever!! (back as a MRS btw..) byt anyways I just thought I'd share some info as well..

    we're living in an apartment in rancho and pay 1100. i love it here. most of rancho is overpriced but if you want more bang for your buck check out the several complexes near ontario mills.

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    You can also check out Southridge (Fontana). I brought a house last year in the "non-getto" area of Southridge. There's a lot of homes in the area that are for rent (one is right around the corner from me). My mortgage payment is $1240/month, so I know that you'll be able to find a rental in that price range in Southridge.

    Good luck.
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    My roommate is from Upland and she loved growing up there. I know there are some cheap places that you can find there. Ontario and Fontana can have some parts that aren't so nice but that's anywhere. I am from Temecula area but I go toward that way a lot. I definitely suggest the Temecula or Murrieta area if you guys can. It is very nice and affordable.
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    Upland and Rancho both have decent apartments in nice areas for the price you're looking for. If your trying to save some money and go cheaper, there are older apartments in Upland you can rent...they aren't in the greatest of areas but they also aren't ghetto...they just aren't brand new places. I live in Upland and pay 900 for a two bedroom, so if you really look you can find some really good places.

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