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Venue suggestions

Hi! I have my heart set on having the ceremony and reception at Mohican Gardens in Mohicanville but they have been extremely hard to get in contact with. Do you know of any other places in the loudonville/Ashland area or any unique place in lorain county? We would like to be able to bring our own caterer and achohol. We have thought about quailcrest in Wooster but it is about 50 min from our campground where are families will be staying. Any suggestions would be great!

Re: Venue suggestions

  • Maybe check out Malabar Farm State Park near Perrysville. They have both indoor and outdoor facilities for rental and they definitely do weddings. My friend had her RD there a few years ago and I thought the food was good. http://www.malabarfarm.org/

    Or, how about something on campus at Ashland University? http://www.ashland.edu/operations/catering-conferences/facilities Perhaps an outdoor ceremony, then indoor reception?

    In Lorain county, have you considered Puskas Outdoor Party Center? I don't know what the catering situation is though. http://www.puskasfamilyflowers.com/PartyCenter.html
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  • Ruby's Banquet Hall in Grafton is BYOCatering
    Pine Tree Barn offers Weddings but its about same distance to  Quailcrest.
    I attended a wedding at Mohican Gardens...it really is a beautiful venue!

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