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Black Friday Recap

So after the countless years I have worked retail and see the rediculousness that is black friday I decided this year I would attempt the shopping madness.

The goal was to be out at 3 am for most store openings, however I am not a morning person and that didn't happen, I did however somehow manage to wake up at 6 ish and went out the door and went shopping while FI worked (poor thing) found some decent deals and got about 25% of my list done this year.

Any one else have fun shopping this weekend or was I the only knottie nut?

Re: Black Friday Recap

  • hischiquita!hischiquita! member
    edited December 2011
    I went to my Aunt's house for Thanksgiving out in Lake Elsinore. We decided to head out to the Lake Elsinore outlets at 10pm that night. I got some good deals at Guess for myself. I couldnt get myself to buy gifts! :)
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    I have done Black Friday two times now (not this year).  I don't think it is worth it.  I usually don't get there early enough--only 4am as opposed to 2 am.  Many times I couldn't even get into the stores because they only allowed so many in at one time.  I hope that anyone that braved the crowds this year had a better experience than me.
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    I am not big on crowds so I passed this year. Plus we left for Vegas that morning so I dont think I would have been able to go anyways. Glad to hear you got so much of your shopping done.
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