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Vegas here we come!!!

bachlorette party in 3 days, cant wait!!! im kinda sad that only two of my bridesmaids are going(so three of us total) but i think we may have more fun that way....never stayed at the TI and always wanted to too so super excited for that!!

Re: Vegas here we come!!!

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    Have fun! Trust me, the fewer the girls the less the drama. I think 3 girls are perfect! I've never stayed at TI either. Only MGM and MC. MGM was nice but MC was kind of ehh.

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    the drama part was my thoughts exactly. not having to worry about what everyone wants to do and just go with the flow is so much better...the boys are going next weekend, there staying at the monte carlo which is crazy because the rooms were like double the price of the treasure island....thats there deal
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    MC was more than TI? We stayed at MC cause it was soooo cheap! I think we only paid like $50 or $60 per night. We stayed at MGM a quite a few years ago...that was a splurge...nice but it was just a room.

    Have fun! Post pics when you get back.

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    have fun!!! and yeah... it sucks about the others. I'll prob have the samething happen but oh well. you'll have more fun!
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    It's so hard to have everyone together! It might happen to me too. You guys will have a blast :o) I'm sure your friends will make it up to you
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