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California-Inland Empire


No need to go into TOOO much details Wink... but if you ladies can share locations, activites, or ideas, it would be nice!!

* I am 19 weeks preggers, and I will be about will be about 23 weeks for my wedding, and I feel like no one is thinking about my bachelorette because of this! It doesnt have to be alcohol filled, or rated "R" ...I just want a girl's night out!!

Re: bachelorette??

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    There are lots of things that you can do without alcohol. I don't drink and almost all of my friends don't drink but we still went to Vegas and had a blast, doing things you could do locally as well. Making a night out of it and doing a nice dinner. Doing something pool/beach related (a boat ride in SD or Catalina), going to a comedy club--we did this for the last b-party I went to and it was tons of fun. Those who drink, drank and those who didn't still had a great time.

    What city are you in again and how far would you want to go?
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    Im in Ontario.... And I would be down for a road trip so that woudn't be an issue...
    I LOVE the catalina idea!!!!  :D
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    I like the comedy club idea, some clubs require a 2 drink min but they will count a soda or tea if you buy food.  Also if you are looking to just relax I just went to Glen Ivy Spa and it was soo awesome!  It was a lot of fun and they even have some messages that are good for pregnant women.  Then after you can have dinner like at a mystery show/dinner.
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    My friend was pregnant for her bachelorette party too.  We all took a limo down to Burke Williams Day spa.  We all pitched in a ltitle extra to get her  apregnancy massage and everyone else booked some type of spa thing.  The good thing about Burke Williams is if you book something you get free access to the spa..(unlike Glen Ivy).  The guys went golfing and drank of course.  But at the end of all that we all met up for dinner at BJ's and then to her house for some after dinner drinks etc...
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