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Any Opinion Welcome!

So I looked at Stan Hywet and OF COURSE fell in love. My only concern is that it doesn't have air conditioning.I'm getting married in the middle of August. It will just be the reception there and I know that I'll be able to handle it, but i wonder about the elderly guests. 

My big question is should I still have to reception there, or move it to another location where everyone is guarenteed to be confortable?
Normally it would be a no-brainer but I really do love the venue a lot. 

Re: Any Opinion Welcome!

  • To be completely honest, if you think anyone will be uncomfortable, I would change venues. You want your guests to be comfortable as much as possible. Obviously you can't guess and/or guarantee everyone's comfort in any place or situation, but I think if you have doubts about it, I would change.

    What time will your reception be at?

    Could you talk to them about what you could expect as far as temperature in the reception area and see what they say? Maybe they could provide feedback based on their experiences in there and perhaps feedback they have received from previous wedding receptions. Even ask them what they think about the temperature & if it could be potentially too uncomfortbale for the elderly guests.

    Also, maybe try and find reviews from people who have had their wedding receptions there. If there were any during the summer and left negative feedback because of heat & lack of air conditioning, I would definitely consider a venue change. If there were no complaints about it being to hot, then it might be okay.

    I would research a little more if you can to see if it would really be an issue, especially if you love it. I think it being too hot would definitely be a big concern for the elderly.

    Btw, the place looks absolutely beautiful! I can see why you don't want to change your venue :)
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  • I got married last summer at a place that was not air conditioned thinking it would be okay - but with last years summer temps - it was HOT!!!!  My husbands uncle had to go to the hospital because of the heat (he is older).  I would say do not have it there.  Or maybe you can look into renting portable air conditioning units...if they allow that. 
  • Also take into consideration your groom & his men. If they are going to be in tuxes or full suits & there is no A/C, you can count on them being either very unhappy. And depending on your style of dress, you'll be miserable. I got married last weekend when it was in the low 40's and I had a ballroom style dress & between the dress & the slip I was plenty warm even during the outdoor photos.
  • If you have a plan B option I would seriously consider it. You might be lucky enough to have a mildly hot day, but you want your guests to enjoy your wedding day and stay for all of your reception! If it gets too hot people may leave early. Can you rent any fans to try to cool the area down without taking away from how beautiful it is there?
  • Stan Hywet is very picky, I doubt they will let you bring in fans. They are very protective. You might be forced to find another spot if heat is a concern :/

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