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California-Inland Empire

hump day

Dear Hubby,
Don't worry, God will work everything out!
Dear Self,
You need to get your car registered asap!
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Re: hump day

  • sdkissezsdkissez member
    edited December 2011
    Dear Pierce-  You are now 6 months old and just getting cuter and bigger by the day.  Mommy is happy that you are growing up and learning how to do new things, but Mommy is also sad that her little boy is growing up so fast.  I love when you fall asleep in my arms because it reminds me of when you were a little little baby.

    Dear Parents-  What you are about to do for me is beyond comprehension.  I seriously think I have the world's greatest parents!

    Dear Spring Break- How do I love thee!

    Dear Chihuahua's next door:  You came into our yard and had the poop scared out of you, literally, by our German Shepherd.  Maybe, you'll rethink coming into our yard again. We DO NOT like you, or your owners! You bite!

    Dear Economy- Why do you suck so bad??  I believe that teachers are underpaid, yet because you suck so bad, or maybe it's our governor, I have to take a $5000 paycut next year.  YOU SUCK!
  • hischiquita!hischiquita! member
    edited December 2011

    Dear sore throat,
    Please go away ASAP!!! You're not fun and you're not letting me sleep!!!

    Dear Hubby,
    I have enjoyed every second of our first week of marriage. I can't wait for a lifetime of this! You are trully amazing and I am fortunate to have you!
    Te amo!

    Dear Self,
    Can't believe you forgot to pay your car registration till the last day!!!! Am so glad I have Spring Break next week!!

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  • mrs.payne2010mrs.payne2010 member
    edited December 2011
    dear fi: i love you with all my heart, hope you know that. i hope you are doing okay today. tomorrow will be rough but we will get through it together.

    dear grandpa jim: why did you have to go before our wedding, i really wanted you to be there. im so sorry that i didn't get a chance to see you the other day either. i know that you are now in no more pain, im just sad that your gone. why is it that cancer seems to take all the good ones? i will see you tomorrow at the funeral. love you!

    dear traison: you are such a big boy now. i love that you actually play with me and enjoy doing it! it is now time to start brushing your teeth since you have 4 already. please be a good boy at the funeral though. love you

    dear board: its so slow again, whats going on?

    dear fmil: please do not cause me anymore stress with this wedding. im getting chest pains at 23 and its not right!
  • SarahB0427SarahB0427 member
    edited December 2011
    Dear Stomach-Why are you so hungry

    Dear Eyes- Why are you so tired

    Dear Girls- Thank you for everything this weekend I love you!

    Dear Knotties- Im so excited..my wedding is coming up!
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  • edited December 2011
    Dear Fi, I love you soooo much and thanks for all the support. I can't wait to marry you.

    Dear Parents, it's OUR wedding not yours. so please keep some of your rude comments to yourself!

    Dear Wednesdays, I luv that you're my "Fridays"

    Dear junk food & vending machine, Sorry we had to brake up this way Fi and I are happy without you.

    Dear Knotties, Happy Wednesday! and God Bless all of you! (& SarahB0427 woooowhoooo GL)

    Dear Myself, Don't give up
    they're not mistakes, just learning opportunities! Wedding Countdown Ticker
  • edited December 2011
    dear pricipal- please hire me! i need this! for me, for my family, and for my future hubby!

    dear mom- thank you for finally getting excited about the wedding. i knew youd come around!

    dear fi- why do you have such a large family, its driving me insane!

    dear friends- thank you for being there! love you forever!

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